Layout layout layout

It’s all about the perfect layout for us. But, I’ve said before, I do worry we are over thinking it!

There are some interesting new features that could play to our advantage. The hydraulic front double bed could be an option for us. We tried a few and they are certainly comfortable.

Going back to our old motorhome make Roller Team could be an option.

This is the Autoroller 747. But we are both 6 foot so head room when standing is a concern. Also, when the bed is down it restricts access to the main habitation door which could be dangerous in an emergency.

The Autoroller 746 is very similar to our old 690 but with a rear lounge.

This one was lovely and airy. Our main concern with this is sleeping space for the kids. Could we make the dinette benches into 2 single beds or would they be too short.

Decisions, decisions. If anyone has any ideas, please share!


  1. Have you looked at the Auto-Trail ranges, Tribute, Imala or Tracker. They do a wide range of layouts. We have an Imala with fixed beds but that may not be right for a young family. Try to go to a motorhome show to look at all makes although it can be a minefield not only on the pocket but also making your final decision. Good luck.

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