Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessories Show

We’re still searching for our next motorhome. So today we visited the Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessories Show in Harrogate to have a look at some different layouts.

It is encouraging to see so many rear U-shaped lounges. There is also an odd trend at the moment of making the whole bathroom into almost a wet room. Not a new trend, and I understand it is to save space, but it looks very odd in my opinion.

We still like the Swift Kontiki 649 in terms of layout. We would occupy the rear lounge and the girls would have the dinette. Then at night the oldest could sleep on the side bench and the youngest on one of the dinette bench seats. We would have to fashion a 2-sided cot frame style thing for the youngest so she didn’t roll out of bed. Is there anything like this on the market?

The decision is made all the more difficult with the age of the kids (1 and 3) who are going to change dramatically over the next few years (not least in length).

I think we are trying to cover too many eventualities. But it is right to think about it as it is a lot of money. So that’s where my head is at. All over the place! Stay tuned for more as the search progresses.

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