Guten Tag to our new motorhome

That’s right, we’ve taken the plunge and invested in a new rig! And I am delighted with it.

We have gone with a Dethleffs A7871-2 SG. It’s a 6 berth. The layout is absolutely perfect for the family. We have an over cab bed just like the last one for us and we are able to make the bench seats up into little beds for the kids using cotbed bedding!

We have a great rear u-shaped lounge which even has a door to partition it off so the kids can sleep at the front whilst we watch tv at the back!

It is really well laid out with a kitchen area and bathroom in the middle. One of our big issues with layout is when the kitchen is opposite the front dinette where the kids sleep. We would be held hostage outside until they went to sleep before we could cook dinner!

It is jam packed with handy storage spaces from little pockets, loads of hooks and a large wardrobe, to holes in the floor for shoes, toys and bottles. We will struggle to fill it! The sink in the bathroom is genius! It moves to allow you more room to use the toilet or the shower. Those Germans know how to do space saving!

Next weekend we are taking it on our first test run! Wish us luck!

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