First trip after lockdown

It has been 102 days since lockdown started in the UK and the sites are able to accept visitors again.

We have come back to the site we last went to before lockdown started, Beechwood Grange in York.

We were the first ones to arrive and the wardens were as delighted to welcome us back as we were to arrive.

Arriving in an empty site.
A busy site 8 hours after we arrived.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club has implemented a number of measures to keep visitors safe from COVID-19 such as limiting the number of people in the facilities, and keeping the play area closed.

We had a fab time, it was great to be away from home, the girls had a super time riding around the site on their bikes and playing Lego. It was really refreshing!

We have a few more trips scheduled this summer that we hope to be able to keep to 🤞🏻.

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