Dealing with motion sickness

If you have a delicate disposition you might not want to read this post. But I did think it was worth covering motion sickness on long journeys as it is a very real possibility with young children.

Our oldest is terrible if she has any milk based product within about an hour of setting off in a car. I know the signs now, she goes very quiet and a bit pale and starts winging before everything makes a second appearance.

On the second leg of our summer Europe hop our oldest started being sick about five minutes into the journey. At first we thought it was motion sickness but quickly we realised it was a bug. But with about a five hour drive we had to press on.

The journey wasn’t helped by our youngest having constipation and pooing almost as regularly as the oldest was being sick. We must have stopped six times!

My tip for any type of sickness on a long journey is to have a disposable receptacle that is small enough for your little one to hold themselves. Luckily in France there are motorway aires almost every 10km so plenty of opportunity to stop for fresh air and a break.

If little ones are too little to hold a bucket you could try a pelican bib. However you do it. catching it saves the much more time consuming task of stopping to change your child’s clothes as well as having to dissect the car seat, wash it, dry it and reassemble it when you reach your destination.

You could try closing the blinds so the scenery doesn’t rush past them. Restricting reading and watching tablets can also help as looking down can be bad for motion sickness.

If you can afford to do it, stick to the Peages as they avoid the windy roads through the many towns in France. This might help the motion sickness, but it is certainly not a cheap option, especially if you are travelling a long way.

Some children are simply prone to motion sickness so preparation is key to keeping you on the road. However, many grow out of it, so it should only be a phase.

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