A change of pace in Strasbourg

We travelled to Strasbourg via an overnight in Beauregard Mesnois. We were planning to stay here for two nights but it was very quiet so we changed our plans and headed to Strasbourg a day early.

We went to Strasbourg two years ago when our oldest was just walking. We went to a great museum called Le Vaisseau. We planned to go again this year taking our youngest as well. However, disappointingly, it was closed for refurbishment. There was nothing on their website so we were most disappointed.

Thankfully I had spotted a park on the way, so we headed there with our picnic instead. It was the best decision. The sun was out and it was lovely and warm. It had some fantastic play areas for all ages, including a splash park.

Strasbourg is a lovely city with a beautiful, pedestrianised old town! We spent the afternoon wandering round, eating ice cream and taking a trip on the little train tour around the city.

The site was very busy for the time of year. It is perfectly placed for a ten minute tram ride into town. If you walk out of the site and turn left, at the end of the road you will find the tram stop Montagne Verte. Take tram B and get off at any of the stops in town.

The site is suited to kids as it has a pool and a play area as well as a restaurant offering the usual food and take away menu. Definitely worth a visit!

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