Tranquil in Le Coin Tranquile

We had to delay our big summer getaway this year as I was between jobs in June / July. Instead, we waited until September, meaning the sites were a lot quieter. The first stop on our journey was just outside Lyon at Le Coin Tranquille in Les Abrets.

A quaint, exceptionally maintained site, Le Coin Tranquille has large pitches and great facilities for the kids. The kids club wasn’t open but our two are too young for it at the moment anyway.

Given the time of year it was very quiet with very few kids. However, there are plenty of play areas for kids of different ages and a great pool complex with indoor and outdoor pools and an adequately equipped paddling pool for real little ones.

We joined a number of residents and locals for an evening of festivities on the Wednesday night for moules frites, wine and dancing. Our ploy to get the kids off to sleep in the buggy before sitting down for dinner lasted about 30 minutes before they were both awake, stealing chips and dancing on the dance floor barefoot. They had so much fun so we didn’t rush back. But you know what kids are like, they were still up at 6 the following morning!

Les Abrets is a small town about a 3km walk from the site. We took our bikes and trailer for the girls, which worked well. It is a reasonably long uphill climb into the town but the journey back is much more pleasant freewheeling past the corn fields.

We stayed seven nights here but given how quiet and small the site was we were ready to move on to the next location. But it was well worth a visit.

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