The layout

I thought I would share with you the layout we have gone with in our motorhome.  I was staggered by the huge variety of different layouts you can get.  Who knew motorhoming could be so versatile.  I guess people want different things at different stages in their life.

The front of the rig.

Here is a shot of the interior facing the cab.  First of all the cab seats don’t rotate so that means the cab and the hab will remain totally separate units.  It is a 6 berth meaning it will sleep 6 (if you don’t mind literally living in each other’s pockets).  Personally I think we will have a maximum of three adults in there at any one time!

There is a huge (super king sized) bed over the cab.  I know this because the only sheet that will fit it is super king size.  Those two grey stubs are for the ladder to climb up.  There is a net and a curtain that closes the bed off from the rest of the cab. There are two small windows at either end of the bed.  I will let you know if it feels claustrophobic when I first sleep in it!

There is a two door wardrobe behind the driver’s seat and the two doors at the bottom is a shoe rack as the gas bottle is stored behind it (accessed from outside).

Behind the passenger seat is a rearward facing two person bench seat with seatbelts, a table and a window about the table with blinds and curtains etc.  Above the table are three cupboards with locking lift up doors.

The rear of the rig.

Facing backwards you can see the door is on the left of the motorhome.  Apparently this is the European side.  Above the door is the control pad for the motorhome, a TV aerial point and a plug socket.

The control panel, carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm, tv aerial and plug socket.

Also on the left is the kitchen with three gas hobs, a small sink and tap and a small area of workspace with another window above it.  Above the window are two more cupboards with locking lift up doors.

Below the hob is an oven and grill.  And next to that and below are three deep drawers.  As mentioned in a previous post these drawers aren’t entirely practical as they are so deep so I need to work out a solution to most effectively use this storage.

Next to this unit is a large fridge freezer.  Home away from home!  On the right hand side is a further forward facing two person bench seat with seatbelts.  Below these seats is a plug socket.  The bench seats can be made into a further double bed by removing the table and adding some extension panels.

Shower room. No other way to take that pic without me in the mirror!

Behind the seats is the shower room.  Inside there is a walk in shower with a proper shower door.  I much prefer this layout to the ones that are simply wet rooms and the water goes all over the toilet (and inevitably the toilet roll you have forgotten to put away)!  There is a small toilet, sink and three cupboards and cubby holes.  There is a little shelf but don’t make the mistake of putting anything on this and driving off.  There is a plug socket in one of the cupboards and a window above the sink.

Finally at the back is a further raised double bed with three cupboards and four cubby holes for extra storage.  There is a net that can be hooked up to stop children falling out.  This is where our daughter will sleep.  There is a window right at the back and one on the left hand side.

Below that bed is a garage which can be accessed from outside for storing bikes or additional luggage.  There is also a bike rack on the back.

It is really light and airy.  I think this is partly down to the wood that has been used in the interior.  In some of the later models the wood is quite dark which did make the whole thing seem a lot darker.

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